Summer Lawn Care Tips from Dave’s

blades of grass

With unbearable heat, wild winds, and little rain, your lawn may need a little more T.L.C. this summer, but we have some easy ways to keep it in great shape.

Before You Bring Out the Lawnmower:

Cutting your lawn is necessary, but did you know it can cause a lot of stress on your grass? Mowing around dusk or dawn, when it’s cooler, rather than during peak hours (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) can keep your grass from losing too much moisture. This will lead to a healthier yard overall.

Speaking of shade, it’s a good idea to leave your grass slightly longer in the shady areas of your lawn. Since this grass gets less time in the sun, letting it grow longer will give it more surface area to collect the limited sunlight it gets, keeping it healthier.

Wait Until It’s Dry:

For best results, you should wait for your yard to dry before you take out the lawn mower. If you have to mow a wet lawn chances are that you won’t end up harming your grass, but all it takes is one dip of the mower in a wet and soggy yard to tear up a patch grass. Better safe than sorry.

Keep the Blade Sharp:

When a mowing blade is dulled down, it tends to tear the grass instead of cleanly cutting it. At best, you may notice an uneven cut over time. At worst, these tears can lead to unwanted pests or diseases in your grass. Sharpen your blades a few times each year to prevent this.

Alternate Your Pattern:

You usually can see the straight lines that you’ve cut when you finish mowing. By switching up your pattern each time you mow, you can avoid compacting soil and creating ruts.

Stay Hydrated:

Water your lawn once or twice a week in the summertime. Watering for about two hours should be enough to allow your yard to soak up what it needs.

Dave’s All Season Store has hoses and sprinklers available to help keep your lawn healthy and green. Stop by one of our locations today and grab what you need.

5 Great Ideas for Your Christmas in July Party

Every year, Dave’s celebrates the mid-season with a Christmas in July sale. A great spin-off is to host your own Christmas in July party. Everyone loves a theme party.  While it’s too hot to wear your favorite holiday sweater and make snow angels, there are some ways to celebrate Christmas in the summer:

Reindeer Shoes:

This one is really simple. All you need to do is take out your horseshoes set. Play it as you normally would, just put a different name on it to by calling it “reindeer shoes” instead to give it a fun little Christmas twist!

Watermelon Christmas Trees:

Instead of making a batch of cookies, think of adding a healthy snack option with some watermelon Christmas tree slices. First cut your watermelon into triangle slices. Then divide the rind on each slice into 3 parts and cut off the outer parts of the rind to instantly turn your slices into trees!

watermelon Christmas trees

Decorate A Christmas Tree:

If you want to bring out the tree and decorate, great! If you’d prefer to leave it in storage until winter, you can easily string some lights around a tree or bush outside to transform your yard into a summertime Christmas paradise. Or, go for a tropical-style Christmas, by adding some ornaments and lights to a pineapple or summer fruit instead!

String Up The Lights:

Go ahead and string some lights along your patio or fence to light things up a bit. We always have plenty of Christmas and patio lights available at our store!

Ice Cream Snowman:

It’s definitely too warm right now for hot cocoa, so why not put a holiday spin on a bowl of ice cream? You can add a couple scoops of ice cream to a bowl and decorate it with toppings to transform it into a snowman!

ice cream snowman

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Stop by your local Dave’s store to see all we offer. We’ll have new Christmas merchandise coming soon!

Keep Your Water Clear With These Pool Maintenance Tips

As a pool owner, it’s important to keep your pool clean for safety reasons. We’re sure that you already know to run your pool filter daily, but here are some other maintenance tips to help keep your water crystal clear:

Don’t Skip Out on Brushing & Vacuuming

For most people, skimming the pool daily is probably a no-brainer. It’s easy to notice the leaves and debris that build up on the surface, so of course you’ll want to grab your skimmer and take care of it. What’s less noticeable though are the sides and bottom of the pool. Be sure to scrub and vacuum your pool at least once a week to prevent algae from building up.

Keep Your Filter Running Smooth:

Your pool filter does a great job of removing debris from your water. But just because you don’t see the debris in the water anymore, doesn’t mean it just disappeared! You need to take care of your filter to keep it running in good condition. Check your filter basket and empty it out daily. You should also backwash your filtration system at least once a month.

Keep the Chemical Levels Constant:

This may be the most important part of pool maintenance. A pool that isn’t properly balanced can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Test your pool chemical levels at least once a week and adjust as necessary to maintain a proper balance.

Shock The System:

By shocking your pool, you are temporarily raising the chlorine levels to kill bacteria. This is a great way to get rid of bacteria that has built up over time. Keep in mind though that pool shock should be used sparingly, as too much shock can cause to damage to your pool siding. Shocking your pool every month or two should be just fine.

Be Prepared:

Make sure that you’re fully stocked up on all the pool supplies that you need to keep your pool crystal clear and ready to swim in. In addition to a pool brush, vacuum and skimmer, you should always have test strips and pool chemicals handy to balance out the water as needed. It would also be a good idea to have spare parts ready in case your pool skimmer tears or a hose begins to leak.

Dave’s All-Season Store has the pool supplies you need to keep your pool running smooth. Stop by one of our locations today for testing strips, pool chemicals, skimmers, brushes and more!pool supplies

pool chemicals

Complete The Look With Our Patio Furniture Selection

Are you looking to upgrade your patio? Whether you’re looking for the missing piece, or want to start from scratch, Dave’s is here to help! We have a wide variety of patio furniture styles available, plus our in-store displays can give you great ideas on what to pair them with.

A popular style that adds a retro feel, tulip furniture is great for smaller spaces or even balconies. The price point makes tulip furniture a great way to start building a back or front yard space, or add to an existing outdoor patio decor collection. Available in vibrant colors of lime, pink, purple, and more, these weather-resistant, metal pieces can give your patio a nice pop.

tulip furniture

One of the most popular, best-selling items is wicker furniture. Functional and affordable, wicker furniture is a timeless summer choice. Lightweight yet durable, wicker furniture is easy to clean and has been around since the 19th century.

wicker furniture

Sitting outside doesn’t have to mean sitting in direct sunlight all day. A patio umbrella makes a practical addition to your decor, and lends a little style and pizzazz.

patio umbrella

Once you have invested in patio furniture you may not want to switch it out for a few years. A fun way to make some changes to the overall look is by adding new patio cushions and pillows. We have lots of cushions and pillows available featuring bright or neutral colors, floral designs, and more.

patio pillows

Eco-friendly decor has become incredibly popular – and for a good reason. Solar lights are an affordable and “green” way to add that romantic lighting to your outdoor space. Place a few torches or path markers in a spot that gets direct sunlight and let them illuminate your patio at night.

solar lights

Best of all, if you purchase patio furniture from Dave’s, you may be able to have it delivered right to your door. No need to worry about struggling to fit your furniture set in your car. Just check out, go home and wait for us to come to you.*

With all of this beautiful summertime weather, there’s no better time to be outside.  Make the most of your outdoor space, and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

*Note: delivery rates and restrictions apply*

Get Outdoors: 7 Summertime Events in WNY

Now that 4th of July over, it may feel like summer is almost done. But there’s still plenty of summertime left, and plenty of outdoor events to enjoy. Here are 7 great summertime events in Western NY.

1) Food Truck Tuesdays:

Every Tuesday, dozens of food trucks and hundreds of hungry customers fill up Larkin Square. You can grab a meal from your favorite truck, enjoy the live music and have some fun!

food truck burger

2) Canalside:

Most people know about the concerts Thursdays at Canalside, but there are plenty of other events that go on throughout the week as well. You can join in on a yoga session, bring the kids for family fun events, or just pop by to take a picture with shark girl.


Photo Credit: @CarShowShooter Flickr via Compfight cc

3) Darien Lake:

Head on over to Darien Lake, where you can feel the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster drop or cool off in the water park. There are also campgrounds available if you’re looking to stay the night.

Darien Lake
Photo Credit: Scallop Holden Flickr via Compfight cc

4) Shakespeare in the Park:

Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the unique experience of Shakespeare at an outdoor theater. Located in Delaware Park, This years performances are of King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing.

Buffalo Shakespeare
Photo Credit: Jon Rieley-Goddard aka baldyblogger Flickr via Compfight cc

5) Bisons Game:

There’s nothing quite like the combination of a baseball game and a hot dog. Head on over to Coca-Cola Field and cheer on your favorite team.

Bisons game
Photo Credit: TynonUser Flickr via Compfight cc

6) Transit Drive-In:

Come to Transit Drive-In and watch a new double-feature or come in on Retro Movie Tuesday for a little bit of nostalgia.


7) Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts:

A great way to check out the local art scene, the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts takes place August 25th thru the 26th. You can enjoy some of the performances and shop hundreds of artist’s booths.

Elmwood Avenue

Photo Credit: jay galvin Flickr via Compfight cc

Stay Cool In The Pool: Pool Supplies Available at Dave’s

pool supplies

The summer heat wave is here! If you’re a pool owner, you must be excited to the thought of coming home and taking a quick dip to cool off! Just make sure that you keep your pool in good shape and ready for swimming.

With how hot it is outside, your pool water may be evaporating fast. This means that more fresh water needs to be added in to meet the water line, leading to a need for even more pool chemicals. If you don’t have one, a properly sized pool cover can decrease the amount of water lost from evaporation. We have pool covers available, as well as pool chemicals available to help you balance out your water.

Are you you looking to add a little bit of fun to your pool? You can “make a splash” with some of our colorful pool floats! Choose from our selection of inflatable floats including flamingos, pretzels and even LED pool floats. We have pool floats available for both children and adults. You can also browse our selection of goggles, noodles, play pools for children and more!

If you’re just in need for general pool maintenance supplies, we’ve got you covered. In addition to our pool chemical selection mentioned before, we also have a selection of pool supplies to help keep your water clean. From testing strips and water hoses to pool skimmers, we’ve got the tools needed to make sure your pool stays in tip-top shape.

Dave’s has the pool supplies that you need to help you beat the heat. Visit your nearest Dave’s location in Cheektowaga, Depew & Niagara Falls, NY today!

Show Off Your Patriotic Side This 4th of July

Independence Day is right around the corner. It’s almost time to fire up the grill and enjoy some fireworks. While you might want to wait a little while longer before you buy your burgers and dogs, you can certainly start to stock up on your decorations! We have a great selection of 4th of July decor available at our Dave’s locations.

Are you looking to keep things simple and plant some mini flags? Do you want to go all out with lights, ribbons and inflatable outdoor decorations? From garden stakes and patio lights to garland and flags, we have all of the patriotic decor that you need to help you celebrate.

Take a look at the photos below to see some of the great red, white and blue items that we have in stock, and stop by one of our store locations to shop our full Independence Day selection!

flagindependence day decor

4th of July decor4th of July lights

Upcoming Garden Events in WNY


Buffalo is well known for its wings and its snowy winters, but one thing that the people of western New York don’t get enough credit for are their beautiful gardens. In fact, thanks to these gardens, Buffalo is currently home to the largest garden walk event in America!

Garden Walk Buffalo will bring together thousands of people over two days – July 28th and 29th – to tour over 400 urban gardens. This family-friendly event brings many Buffalo neighborhoods to life. But this isn’t the only event taking place this year. There are a number of upcoming garden-focused events throughout western New York in the coming months. Here are some of the most popular upcoming local gardening events:

-Lewiston GardenFest, June 16-17

-Town of Amherst Garden Walk, July 7

-Grand Island Garden Walk, July 8

-City of Tonawanda Garden Walk, July 13-14

-Garden Walk of Niagara Falls, July 14

-Village of Williamsville Garden Walk, July 21

-Garden Walk Buffalo, July 28-29

Have you signed up your garden for one of these garden walks? Dave’s has all the supplies you need to make sure your garden is looking great when visitors arrive! Stop by one of our locations for gardening tools, flowers, topsoil, mulch and more.

Want to find out more information about these events? Gardens Buffalo Niagara has all you need to know about upcoming garden events including maps, parking and more. Take a look at its events page for more information.

Father’s Day Gifts He Really Wants

Father's Day

Are you trying to find a little inspiration for Father’s Day? Struggling to find the perfect gift? Dads can often be the hardest people to shop for, but we’re here to help! Take a look below for a few Father’s Day gift ideas:

A Fire Pit:

Who doesn’t love to sit around a fire and enjoy the flickering flames or roast some marshmallows? Give your dad a fire pit so that he can relax at night in his own backyard.

Grilling Accessories:

It seems like dads always have their eyes set on a new grill, but what’s often overlooked are all of the grill accessories! A BBQ tool set, an apron, or a hamburger press could be all that’s needed to complete the grilling experience.

Lawn Furniture:

Every dad needs a spot to kick back and relax. We’re sure your dad already has his favorite seat inside the house, but what about the outside? With the nice weather, we’re sure he would love a good piece of outdoor furniture. Perhaps your dad like to lay in a hammock. Maybe a nice wicker patio chair or furniture set is exactly what he needs. Whatever he would prefer, we always have a great selection of outdoor furniture available to choose from at our Dave’s Christmas Wonderland locations.

Quality Time:

Above all else, what your dad might really want is just to spend time with the people he loves most. Spend some quality time with your dad, and take him out to do an activity that he enjoys. Maybe he would like to go fishing or catch a baseball game. Take him out for a meal at his favorite restaurant. Your father will appreciate the company and the new memories made.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Living in an area that sees four seasons, you might miss the garden views a few months out of the year. Why not bring a few beautiful plants inside so you can enjoy greenery all year-long? Aside from improving the overall appearance of a room, adding a few indoor plants to a home or office can provide a number of other benefits.

Prevent Illnesses:

Dry air and dust have a tendency to irritate the senses, which can lead to sickness like a cold or sore throat. Having houseplants around can help to filter out dust and can increase the air humidity in your home, which can help to prevent certain illnesses.

Purify The Air:

Indoor air quality is generally worse than outdoors. But having plants in your home can help improve the quality of the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and providing detoxification benefits.

Increase Productivity:

Aside from the physical benefits of having cleaner air, plants can also provide you with mental health benefits. A little greenery in a home or office can be a natural life hack and a proven mood enhancer! Plants can help improve your emotional state by decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally, having plant life around can also help people increase creativity, productivity and memory retention.

With just a little upkeep, plants can make a wonderful addition to any home or office. Dave’s has a number of great plants available to choose from. For example, our pansies and our potted grasses can make for great indoor plants. These are easy to maintain and only need a light watering. Come on down to Dave’s and check out our plant selection today!