Make Life Easier With These Pool Noodle Hacks

Pool noodles are simple, cheap and fun pool accessories. But did you know that they’re also quite versatile? With a few small tweaks, you can transform your pool noodle into a tool to help with everyday life. Here are 6 pool noodle hacks to try.

Wrist Rest:

Using your keyboard for a long time can lead to wrist pain, but you can avoid hurting yourself while typing by turning a pool noodle into a wrist rest. Cut a piece off the length of your keyboard, then cut the noodle in half to make 2 wrist rests (a spare or one to share)!

pool noodle wrist rest

Protect Your Luggage Rack:

Are you worried about supplies scratching up your luggage rack? You can cover your luggage rack bars with pool noodles to keep them from scratch-free. Cut your noodle the length of the rack bar, make a slit down one side of your noodle and slide these on. Add some duct tape to keep them from falling off and you’re good to go!

pool noodle car rack

Equipment Organizer:

An easy organizing hack, this will help you keep your equipment in order. Do you have a lot of fishing poles, hockey sticks, or shovels in your garage? Cut slits across your foam noodle and tape or screw your noodle to your garage wall. Fishing poles, hockey sticks, shovels and more can be placed in the slits to keep them organized and prevent you from bumping into them and knocking them over.

pool noodle organizer

Keep Your Boots Looking Great:

Your boots need to stay upright to keep their shape when you’re not wearing them. Pool noodles can make great inexpensive boot shapers. Cut off a noodle piece long enough to keep your boots upright and slide them into your boots.

pool noodle boots

Do You Feel a Draft?:

You can easily turn your pool noodle into a draft stopper. Simply cut off a piece of pool noodle the length of your door, add a slit down one end and slide it onto the bottom of your door.

pool noodle draft stopper

Childproof Your Home:

Do you have furniture with sharp corners? You can use a pool noodle as a bumper. Pool noodles work great for childproofing furniture and can be added to coffee tables, bed frames, counters and more.

Who knew there were so many ways that pool noodles could make life easier? Stop by one of our Dave’s locations to shop for pool noodles and more!

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