4 Simple Ways To Go Green For Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day. It’s a time for people to give back and do their part to care for the planet. A number of events across the world are held each year. If you would like to do your part, here are four simple things that you can do to help the environment. Use these ideas for Earth Day and year-round!

Turn Off Those Lights:

If you’re not in a room, why would you keep it lit? We’re all guilty of doing it, but leaving lights of when they’re not needed is simply a waste of electricity. By simply flipping the switch when you leave a room, you can decrease your impact on the environment.

Unplug Your Appliances:

Did you know that your appliances can still use electricity even when they’re not in use? Be sure to unplug your phone charger, toaster and other non-essential appliances and devices when you’re not using them.

phone charger










Bring Your Own Shopping Bags:

Those grocery bags you use can really take a toll on the environment. Once you’ve unloaded your groceries, these bags generally go straight to the trash and eventually fill up landfills. Avoid using those paper or plastic bags at checkout and help the environment out by bringing your own reusable shopping bags.








Plant a Tree:

It may seem like a pretty generic activity for Earth Day, but that’s with good reason! Trees offer a number of benefits to the environment, including absorbing carbon dioxide and providing a natural habitat for wildlife. Planting just one tree can make a difference.

A Great Outdoor Selection Available At Dave’s

It’s finally starting to warm up outside, which means we can enjoy the fresh air and take in the sun without wearing so many layers! There’s no better place outside to relax than in your own backyard, but just like the inside of your home, you don’t want your yard to be an eyesore.

Luckily, Dave’s All -Season Store has everything you need to complete the look of your yard. Each of our locations has a great selection of pool, patio, garden & outdoor decor. Bring your patio to life at night with some patio lights or add some wicker furniture to your patio and get it ready to invite over some guests.

Are you looking to improve your garden? Come and browse the garden centers at our Cheektowaga and Depew locations. We have a supply of gardening tools as well as garden gnomes and hanging baskets to complete the look.

Do you lack a green thumb, but still would like to add a few plants to your home? Not to worry, we also have artificial plants available! You can enjoy all the beauty, but skip all the upkeep with our selection of life-like greenery, perfect for decorating your patio, kitchen and more.

With the selection of pool, patio and garden supplies available at Dave’s, you’re sure to find what you need to complete the look of your yard. Stop by and browse the outdoor selection at one of our locations today!

Spring Cleaning Tips From Dave’s

It seems like it took forever for it to come, but spring is finally here! Pretty soon you’ll be able to fill your weekends with fun outdoor activities. Before that though, it’s time for a little bit of spring cleaning. Although it’s not the most exciting thing to do, spring cleaning can be a satisfying and rewarding activity. Here are a few tasks to help you clean and declutter your home.

Thoroughly Dust Your Home

Floors, tables, bookshelves, ceiling fans, you name it and it’s sure to have some dust on it!  Not only will dusting help your home look better, but it can reduce the amount of allergens in your home as well.

Take Inventory

Over time your fridge, freezer and pantry are sure to become cluttered and unorganized. There may be some food hidden that you just forgotten about! Go through your food supply and organize everything you have. While your at it, check the expiration dates and throw out anything that has gone bad.

Raid Your Wardrobe

As you transition from winter to summer gear, this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of some old clothes. Go throw your closet and drawers and see if you have anything that you can get rid of. Some of your clothes may be out of style and haven’t been worn in years, while others might not even fit you anymore! You can set aside the clothes you no longer need and donate them.

Give Your Home A Deep Clean

Floors, counters, sinks, windows, everything in your home is sure to need a deep cleaning. Take out the vacuum, mop, polish and degreasers and clean every nook and cranny! There may be corners of your home that you have neglected to clean for a while. If it seems like too much, just take it one room at a time and see how much you can get done. It doesn’t need to all be cleaned in one day!

Why does Buffalo Love The Butter Lamb?

Buffalo is filled with many unique holiday traditions, but one of the more unique ones has got to be the butter lamb. To anyone outside of Buffalo, one question they’re sure to ask is “What’s with the butter lamb?” To many people living in Buffalo, the question may instead be “Why do we have the butter lamb?”

An Easter staple, the butter lamb, or buttered lamb, is a traditional butter sculpture for families of Russian, Polish & Slovenian Catholic descent. Thanks to the strength of the Buffalo Polish community, the butter lamb remains a Western New York tradition to this day. Molded into the shape of a lamb, this butter sculpture symbolizes the sacrifice of the Lamb of God. The lamb is usually adorned with peppercorn eyes, a red alleluia flag and oftentimes comes with a red ribbon that represents the Blood of Christ.

Why would you bother put a boring block of butter on the table when you can use this decorative piece instead? Whether you’re buying one to carry on family tradition, for the religious symbolism or simply for the decorative look, the butter lamb is sure to be a crowd pleaser for your Easter meal. Available at Dave’s Union Road location. Stop in and purchase yours today!

Great Selection of Easter Decorations Available at Dave’s!

Are you looking to put up some decorations for Easter? Dave’s All Season Store always has a great selection of Easter decorations available. Whether you’re looking for eggs and baskets, or bunny decorations, you’re sure to find what you need to get your house ready for Easter Sunday. Below are a few of the many decorations that we have to offer: 

Easter Egg Tree










A bright and colorful Easter tree is sure to catch the eye of anyone in the room. This spiral cut-out Easter tree comes pre-decorated with bright, colorful Easter eggs and is sure to become a decorating favorite for years to come.

Black Chalkboard Egg










A great Easter decoration, the black chalkboard egg allows you to skip the boiling process and the mess of paints and dyes. Just grab some chalk and you can create the perfect Easter egg! Want to keep it simple? You can use this egg to add your own personal message or leave a note for someone.

Vine Bunny with Basket










Instead of going with the usual pastel colors, why not mix things up a bit with this green moss rabbit decoration? This adorable earth toned bunny figure would make the perfect addition to any table top display.

Decorate For St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and Dave’s Christmas Wonderland has all of the decorations you need to get your home ready for this fun holiday. Whether you’re looking to decorate for a party, or your own home, we’ve got you covered.

Decorate With Ornaments:










In addition to lights and garland, ornaments are also a versatile decoration that can be used for many holidays and occasions. We have a selection of St. Patrick’s Day ornaments available, including this “Irish Blessings” ornament, which is adorned with Celtic knots. You can hang these ornaments on a mantel, or attach some ribbon and dangle your ornaments from windows or chandeliers.

Add A Window Silhouette:

window silhouette








A window silhouette is a great way to decorate without taking up space or cluttering your home. This pot of gold window silhouette is a very simple way to decorate for St. Patrick’s day. It comes with warm white bulbs and is easy to use. Simply hang it up and plug it in.

Decorate Your Lawn:

inflatable decoration









Let anyone passing by your house see your spirit this St. Patrick’s Day with this inflatable lighted yard art decoration. Perfect for any lawn, this self inflating decoration comes with its own blower. It can blow up in minutes and collapses quickly for easy storage.

Tips to Help You Prepare for Gardening Season

With springtime just around the corner, gardening season is set to begin. Gardening can be a fun and relaxing hobby, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of hard work. With snow still on the ground, you may not be able to do much outside just yet, but you can still make things a little easier for yourself by preparing ahead of time. Here are some tips to help make sure you’re organized and ready for the spring gardening season:

gardening shovel



Start Planting Your Seeds Indoors

If you decide that you want to start growing your seeds early, you can always plant seeds indoors, make sure you check the last frost date so you know that you aren’t planting too early. When the seeds have grown into small plants and are ready to be moved, you can transplant them into your garden.

Get Your Tools In Order

Make sure you have all of the tools you need for gardening this year. Do you need to replace your gardening gloves? Do some of your tools need sharpening? Now is the perfect time to prepare so when the weather is right you can focus on gardening.









Plan Your Garden Layout

Want to try planting something new, but not sure if you’ll have room in your garden? It’s best to make a detailed plan before you begin gardening. This will help you keep your garden organized and also can help you figure out how much supplies you’ll need to buy.

Set Up Your Gardening Calendar

Although it is often overlooked, a gardening calendar is an easy way to make sure all of your plants are taken care of. Plants grow on different schedules and it’s important that everything is planted at the right time. The larger the garden, the harder this is to keep track of. Creating a schedule will help you keep track of your plants and keep you from any confusion.

Dave’s Exciting New Location!

fashion outlets niagara falls ny
In March of 2018, we announced the official opening of our newest location of Dave’s All Season Store at the Fashion Outlets in Niagara Falls, NY. We are very excited to start this new adventure and to serve both American and Canadian customers alike. Our store will open in April 2018. See our official announcement below:


The new store location marks a return to Niagara County for Dave’s Christmas Wonderland,
and is the fourth store for the local chain.

NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK (March 5, 2018) – Dave’s Christmas Wonderland
announces the addition of a fourth store location at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls in
Niagara Falls, New York. Dave’s Christmas Wonderland is a division of Gordon Companies, a
family-owned and –operated business based in Cheektowaga, N.Y.

Dave’s Christmas Wonderland will occupy an 8,200-square-foot space located at the Military
Road entrance to the Fashion Outlets. It is located next to Aerpostale and Eddie Bauer. The store
is scheduled to open April 2018. Further details and an exact date will be available on the store’s
website, http://www.daveschristmas.com.

This is not the first time Dave’s has had a presence in Niagara County. Dave’s operated under
the name National Warehouse Sales in the 1980s when Gordon Companies specialized in surplus
and closeout merchandise.

“We’re very excited to return to Niagara County,” said Dave Gordon, CEO of Gordon
Companies. “This location offers us an opportunity to reach a valuable customer base of savvy
shoppers from both the U.S. and Canadian markets. We are proud to offer a wide selection of
everyday and seasonal merchandise at affordable prices that make it a great fit for the Fashion
Outlets of Niagara Falls.”

The Niagara Falls store location will feature a year-round designated Christmas section featuring
indoor and outdoor decorations such as trees, wreaths, ornaments, garland, and lights. Seasonal
merchandise for all holidays will be displayed with both the Canadian and U.S. holidays in mind.
In the summer months, Dave’s will stock pool and patio merchandise such as pool floats, rafts,
and patio furniture. Customers can also purchase annual plants and flowers in the spring.
Additionally, customers can expect great deals on specialty home decor merchandise such as
pillows, throws, and LED wall art.

“Fashion Outlets is thrilled to welcome Dave’s Christmas Wonderland to the center’s growing
list of new tenants. The store’s wide range of items – beyond just holiday décor – cannot be
found anywhere else in the mall and we’re confident our shoppers will be pleased with the
selection of merchandise available.” John Doran, Property Manager of Fashion Outlets of
Niagara Falls.


Dave’s Christmas Wonderland has been a family-owned and –operated business for over 40
years. Dave’s operates three additional store locations – Depew, Franklinville and Cheektowaga,
New York. Visit Daveschristmas.com for store addresses, phone numbers, hours, and coupons.
Dave’s Christmas Wonderland customers can find tens of thousands of additional products
shopping online at Christmas Central.


A division of Gordon Companies, Christmas Central is one of the largest online seasonal stores
in the country. Since its inception in 2004, Christmas Central has been named on Inc. 500’s list
of fastest-growing companies in the country five times, and has been recognized by Internet
Retailer Magazine as a company to watch. Christmas Central ships regularly to both the U.S. and
Canada, and has shipped seasonal and holiday items to locations around the world. Shop
seasonal and everyday home décor at https://www.Christmascentral.com.

This announcement can also be found at The Buffalo News.

Spring Activities in Buffalo

Spring is just around the corner! The weather is starting to get warmer, and the sun seems to be shining brighter each and every day. If you’ve been hibernating this winter, it may be time to step outside and enjoy the wonderful spring weather. Here are a few great activities in Buffalo to check out this spring:

Go to the Buffalo Zoo:

Isn’t it great to see all of the different animals at the zoo? On a nice spring day, you can take a stroll through the Buffalo Zoo and learn information about some new animals, or head straight to your favorite exhibit to see the animals you love!

Take a Stroll Through Elmwood Village:

An often overlooked part of Buffalo is just how walk-able some of the neighborhoods are (once the snow clears of course). For example, the Elmwood area of Buffalo is a fantastic area to take a stroll through. You can browse some of the local shops or even walk down a connecting side street to look at some of the historical houses. There are also frequently a number of activities around the Elmwood area like Porchfest that keep the neighborhood alive.

See the Cherry Blossoms:

For a short time each year, pink clouds of cherry blossoms come alive and provide parts of Buffalo with beautiful scenery. This year, don’t miss out on the Cherry Blossom Festival taking place on May 5-6. The Japanese Gardens behind the Buffalo History Museum are filled with cherry blossom trees. You can also enjoy them at your own time; just remember that these flowers don’t bloom for long!

Go for a Bike Ride:

In recent years, the city of Buffalo has put an effort into increasing the amount of bike paths have been made all over the city. There are plenty of different bike paths that you can now take to get some exercise and get a view of the city. You can take your bikes and head down to the outer harbor for a nice ride or simply take a few laps around Delaware Park.

Dave’s Best-Selling Valentine’s Day Decorations and Gifts

Valentine’s Day is here, and Dave’s All Season Store has a great selection of Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations available. Whether you’re looking for lights, ribbon or window clings, you’re sure to find what you need for a party or romantic celebration. Take a look at some of our most popular Valentine’s Day items:

Soft & Cuddly Teddy Bears:

Who doesn’t love snuggling up with a teddy bear? You can’t go wrong with a classic super soft teddy bear for a child, senior citizen, or anyone who loves an adorable stuffed friend. Complete with a red ribbon, it looks great next to a vase with red roses and a card.








Valentine’s Day Tree Supplies:

Have a little family fun this year and decorate a Valentine’s Day tree. We have red heart ornaments to hang. We also have red garland accented with hearts. This garland will look great on your tree or can be used to decorate mantels and banisters.









A tree isn’t complete without lights! We have a great selection of Valentine’s Day lights in colors of red, pink, purple and white. Perfect for trees or for decorating your home, you can choose between novelty lights, rope lights, string lights and heart lights.








We have a great selection of Valentine’s Day ribbon, perfect for adding the finishing touches for a present or decorating for the season of love.

Window Clings:

Show your Valentine’s day spirit with some window clings. These simple and easy-to-use decorations are a great way to show your Valentine’s Day spirit without taking up any space!

Window Silhouettes:

A window silhouette is a great way to add a little bit of shine to your Valentine’s Day decor. You can hang one of these in a front window and let it shine bright to proclaim your love for Valentine’s Day!