Dave’s Best-Selling Valentine’s Day Decorations and Gifts

Valentine’s Day is here, and Dave’s All Season Store has a great selection of Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations available. Whether you’re looking for lights, ribbon or window clings, you’re sure to find what you need for a party or romantic celebration. Take a look at some of our most popular Valentine’s Day items:

Soft & Cuddly Teddy Bears:

Who doesn’t love snuggling up with a teddy bear? You can’t go wrong with a classic super soft teddy bear for a child, senior citizen, or anyone who loves an adorable stuffed friend. Complete with a red ribbon, it looks great next to a vase with red roses and a card.








Valentine’s Day Tree Supplies:

Have a little family fun this year and decorate a Valentine’s Day tree. We have red heart ornaments to hang. We also have red garland accented with hearts. This garland will look great on your tree or can be used to decorate mantels and banisters.









A tree isn’t complete without lights! We have a great selection of Valentine’s Day lights in colors of red, pink, purple and white. Perfect for trees or for decorating your home, you can choose between novelty lights, rope lights, string lights and heart lights.








We have a great selection of Valentine’s Day ribbon, perfect for adding the finishing touches for a present or decorating for the season of love.

Window Clings:

Show your Valentine’s day spirit with some window clings. These simple and easy-to-use decorations are a great way to show your Valentine’s Day spirit without taking up any space!

Window Silhouettes:

A window silhouette is a great way to add a little bit of shine to your Valentine’s Day decor. You can hang one of these in a front window and let it shine bright to proclaim your love for Valentine’s Day!

Mix Things Up With These Date Night Ideas

Is dinner and a movie becoming a bit too repetitive? Below are four different date night ideas to help break the norm. These can be ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day or just to bring some excitement back into your date nights.

Go on a Brewery Tour:

Instead of just going out to your local bar for a beer, why not take a trip and head to where the beer is made? There are a lot of local breweries in the Buffalo area to go enjoy a pint or two & take a brewery tour: including Hamburg Brewing, Flying Bison Brewing, Resurgence Brewing and more.

Learn Something New:

Have some fun and learn a new skill by taking a cooking, painting, or dancing class together. This can even eventually lead to another date night where you actually test out the skills that you’ve learned!

Take in the Arts at The Albright Knox:

Take a stroll through the Albright Knox. Make your way around the art gallery with your significant other and discuss the paintings that you like. You can even make a cheap night out of this, as general admission is free the first Friday of every month!

Choose Your Own Dinner & Movie Adventure:

Sure, we said to do something different than the old dinner and movie, but why not just put a twist on a classic? Instead of going to a restaurant & movie theater, you can stay at home and be in charge of the experience! Light some candles and share a bottle of wine and a blanket while you snuggle up and watch a romantic movie, or pick a theme and match a dinner and movie to it. The choice is yours!

Our Winter Bucket List: Outdoor Activities in Buffalo

When the Christmas season is over, some people get the winter blues. But with lots of snow guaranteed every year, Buffalo, New York is a winter wonderland! Instead of hiding indoors, we embrace all the season has to offer. A few inches of snow won’t stop us from making the most out of a cold, blustery day. Here are a few great activities to check out while it’s still cold outside:

Visit Niagara Falls: As breathtaking as Niagara Falls is during the warmer months, it becomes even more magical during the winter months. Although parts of the falls become too dangerous during the winter and are closed to visitors, there are still many spots to take in this natural wonder of the world! Enjoy some of the breathtaking views as the mist of the falls rises up and freezes. Just make sure you’re bundled up to handle the cold!

Hit The Hills at Chestnut Ridge: Gather a group of family and friends and go sledding at Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park. You can have a blast going down the sledding hill, where on clear days you can even take in views of Buffalo and Lake Erie. If you’re up for it, you can also go tobogganing! Open on the weekends, you can bring your own toboggan or rent one to experience the thrill of speeding down a toboggan chute.

Public Ice Skating at Canalside: Take in the views of downtown Buffalo all while skating on the canals! Enjoy skating or pedaling around on an ice bike on the large outdoor rink. It’s a great spot to share with friends, on a date, or sneak away to over a lunch break. You can even sign up with a group and learn how to play a game of curling!

Take a Trip to Ellicottville: Known as one of the top winter destinations around, there’s always plenty to do in Ellicottville! Grab your skis or snowboard and head to the hills at Holimont of Holiday Valley for some great fun! If skiing isn’t your thing, there’s also tubing at Holiday Valley and miles of snowmobile trails available. Or, you can head downtown and check out some of the great restaurants and shops. Grab some sweets at Watson’s Chocolates or enjoy a pint at Ellicottville Brewing Company!

Four Easy Decorating Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Although it may seem like a lot of work to decorate for another holiday immediately after Christmas, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. Luckily, decorating for New Year’s Eve is actually a lot easier than it sounds. You can save time and money by reusing some of your Christmas decorations and mixing it with New Year’s Eve decorations to create a memorable party for your guests.

Update Your Greenery: If you have a Christmas wreath, swag or garland, you can re-purpose it for your New Year’s Eve celebration! Add some blue, silver or gold tinsel, lights, ornaments, and ribbon to instantly transform them and have them ready for your party! If your Christmas tree is still up, you can do the same for this as well!

Brighten Up The Night With Lights: In addition to adding lights to your wreaths and garland, any clear Christmas lights you have can easily be hung around the house. You can hang lights from the ceiling and combine them with some of these ceiling decorations to create a look of a star filled sky. Battery operated lights are great to decorate with because they can be placed anywhere. You can string some of these lights around your snack bowls or maybe line your windows and tables with them.

Use Your Ornaments: You can use ball ornaments to decorate around your home. Silver, gold and blue ornaments are perfect to use for New Year’s decor. Hang some of these ornaments on a chandelier to add some life to a room, or dangle a few from banisters or windows to fill up some empty space. Another great decorating idea is to take miniature silver & gold ball shaped ornaments, and place them inside empty champagne glasses to mimic the rising bubbles of champagne.

Add The Finishing Touches: Once you’ve gotten the main decorating out of the way, all that you have left is add some of our other decorations to complete the look. Don’t forget about party favors, too!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten all of your gifts for Christmas, now all that you have left is to wrap them up! Here are three creative ideas to make your presents look unique and stand out from the rest this year!

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper:

If you have the time, you can create some unique and individual gift wrap for your presents. Measure out your gift and cut your paper to the size you need, then plan out your stencil and apply your acrylic craft paint. Make sure to let it dry before you wrap up your gift. Butcher paper is a good choice for this, as it is durable and won’t wrinkle from the paint moisture.

This could also be a fun activity for your kids! Cut out the desired gift wrap length, and have your children paint on trees, stars and more. If you have blue gift wrap, you can also let your kids make some snowmen. This time, take out some pencils and white craft paint. Have them dip the eraser heads of the pencils in the paint and stamp dots on the gift wrap to create snowflakes & snowmen!

Re-purpose Your Cardboard Tubes:

What do you do when you come to the end of your roll of gift wrap? Don’t throw them away! Use them! If you have a smaller, oddly shaped gift for someone, you can use an empty cardboard tube to secure it and make it easier to wrap. Cut the tube to the length required, place the gift inside the tube, then wrap up your tube and secure the ends with ribbon.

Use Your Empty Tins:

Everyone places clothes in cardboard boxes before wrapping them up. Why not mix it up a bit? If you have empty tins, you can place gifts inside them and tie ribbon around them for a unique gift look.

Tips to Quickly Decorate Your Yard for the Holidays

Zone Out Your Yard: If you haven’t yet decorated your yard, zoning it out can make the process a little easier. Before you begin decorating, divide your yard into zones and then decide what each zone will focus on. For example One zone can be dedicated to a decorated tree, while another zone can be dedicated to reindeer decorations.

Double up on Your Wreaths: Although most people put a wreath on their front doors, adding two wreaths to your door can provide your home with a fuller and more unique look.

Decorate With Winter Gear: Adding some winter gear to your outdoor decor can help give your home a welcoming look. Add a plaid scarf to your mailbox or lamppost or place an old wooden sled next to your front door.

Decorate Flower Beds With Ornaments: Your flower beds can’t stay colored in the winter. Add some color when the flowers won’t stay by adding some ornaments to your flower beds.

Add Pops of Red to Your Greenery: If you have green garland, wreaths, etc outside of your home, add some red ornaments to bring a little life to it.

Outdoor Lighting Tips

Hanging your Christmas lights is a lot of work and can be a frustrating endeavor. Below are a few tips to make sure that hanging your Christmas lights is a safe and easy task.

Plan your Attack: First, decide on the area of your home that you want to cover and figure out how many lights you’ll need. Then test out your lights to make sure they still work properly. If you need more lights to cover your home, we have a great selection of lights available at our store!

Keep your Extension Cords Safe: Before using extension cords, you should first make sure that the cords are suitable for the outdoors. Also, make sure that when they are set up, your lights and extension cords are kept out of high-traffic areas. They should also be kept off the ground to prevent being covered in snow or dipped in puddles of water.

Make Sure your Lights are Suitable for the Outdoors: There are a variety of lights that you can choose from. Like your extension cords, make sure that your lights are rated for outdoor use. Never use indoor lights for the outdoors, as these lights won’t be waterproof.

Don’t Hang your Roof Lights up Alone: If you are hanging lights on your roof or anywhere that requires the use of a ladder, make sure that you have someone there to hold the base of the ladder for you. You don’t want to risk falling off and hurting yourself!

Open Your Pool for Summer in 12 Easy Steps

The weather is getting warmer, the snow is melting, and the sun seems to shine brighter with each day. Pretty soon it will be time to open up the pool for summer! Whether you are “summer-izing” your pool for the first time or you’d like a reminder of all the necessary steps, we have you covered – no pun intended! Here’s how to successfully prepare your pool for summer:

1. Remove Debris & Drain Water from Pool Cover

The first step in preparing your pool for summer fun is removing all the water and debris from your winter pool cover. Use a submersible pool cover pump for easy water removal. Once your pool cover is completely dry, you can use a large broom or leaf blower to clear off leaves and other debris so they don’t fall into the pool during the next step.

2. Remove Pool Cover

Now that water and debris have been removed from your winter cover, grab a friend and carefully peel the cover back and off of your pool.

3. Clean & Store Away Pool Cover

Pool covers can be easily cleaned with soap, water, and a soft brush. Be careful not to use anything too abrasive, as this may tear the material. For protection against bugs, rodents, and mildew, wait until the pool cover is completely dry then store in a heavy-duty plastic bin.

4. Remove All Winterizing Plugs & Re-Attach Drain Plugs

Make sure all winter plugs are removed from your pool equipment, including the filter, pump, heater, pool cleaners, etc., and replace them with your normal drain plugs. Ensure all antifreeze has been discharged before removing winterizing plugs from your pool skimmers and return lines.

5. Reconnect Pool Equipment

Reconnect your pool filter, pump, heater, and anything else that was disconnected when closing the pool. Above-ground swimming pools will need to have flexible plumbing lines reconnected to the pool equipment and skimmer.

6. Refill Your Pool

Using a garden hose, refill your pool back to its normal level (about halfway up the skimmer).

7. Clean Your Pool

Use a leaf rake net, pool brush, and/or pool vacuum to remove any remaining debris in the water.

8. Set up Your Pump & Pool Filter

Make sure to properly replace drain plugs (and any other parts that have been removed) to your pool pump and filter. Check the pump’s O-ring for any cracks or damage and replace if such blemishes are present. If the O-ring is in good shape, apply an O-ring lubricant to maintain a tight seal and provide easy removal later on.

9. Start the System Back Up

Turn on your pool filter and pump; check and make sure the system is running properly with no leaks or drips. If the pump fails to pull any water, prime the pump by turning off the filter system, removing the lid, and filling the pump housing with water. Replace the pump and turn the system back on again.

10. Test & Adjust

It is crucial to test the quality of your pool water before swimming. Once your pump and filtration system has been up and running for several hours, you will want to test levels of pH (ideal: 7.4 – 7.6), alkalinity (ideal: 80 to 120 ppm), and chlorine (ideal: 2.0 to 4.0 ppm). Using a pool testing kit is an inexpensive and easy way to ensure the safety of your water. Once you’ve established your pool water chemistry, you may need to balance your water by adjusting pH, adding chlorine, or removing phosphate.

11. Filter Overnight

Run your filtration system overnight to get rid of any remaining dirt, bacteria, algae, and debris still present in your pool water. Use algaecide to help remove stubborn or excessive algae.

12. Shock & Awe

The final step to cleaning and preparing your pool for summer is to apply a shock treatment to the water. This will eliminate nearly all the remaining contaminants and bacteria, providing you with a fresh, clean start to the summer season. Once you are all set, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your pool!

Last Minute Gift Ideas Everyone Can Love

Last minute gifts don’t have to be terrible, rushed and thoughtless gifts. Just because you ran out of time doesn’t mean you don’t care. Plenty of people have busy schedules, stressful jobs, and responsibilities. Fortunately, you can show others how much they mean to you, regardless of your busy schedule with some last-minute gift ideas that are still pretty thoughtful. These projects are sentimental, sweet, and useful, and they’ll take less than 30 minutes to create. Happy Holidays!

Homemade Cookie Recipe

Hot Chocolate Reindeer

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Photo Luminaries

Gift Card in Candy Jar

A Money Tree

Sherrie Carter

DIY Christmas Ornaments & Projects

When I was younger, my mom had my sisters and I make a handmade ornament each year. Now, we have a large selection of extremely sentimental ornaments from our past. This is something I plan to continue, and my sisters already have. Handmade ornaments are a tradition in most families, because they’re sweet and kids love making them. The best part is that you don’t need artistic talents, because when they come out terrible it’s even more adorable. Looking back on your uneven reindeer or dilapidated snowman is hilarious. Try some of these DIY ornaments with the kids this year. In a few years when they’re older, you can reminisce about the fun time you had making it, and you’ll laugh each year when you remove it from storage.

Scented Ornaments

Hand & Feet Prints

Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments

TMNT Ornaments

Scrabble Tile Messages

Glittered Ornaments

Feeling even more crafty? Try some of these adorable DIY decorations and gifts this year. Hand made Christmas items offer an inimitable charming touch to your home. Check them out and let us know your favorite ideas!

Sparkle Branches

Santa Tulle Wreath

No Sew Deer Pillow

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Snow Globe Ornament

Sherrie Carter